Good Recovery vs. Recovery 4 Good

Don’t let perpetual recovery become your life; on completing this programme I want you to have a life because you are recovered!


Following on from our FREE 10 Days 10 Measures programme, and to achieve long-lasting recovery, we think it is important to help you understand:

  • ‘What is problem gambling’
  • Model of problem gambling
  • Why it is important to have new activities in your life
  • How retraining your brain will correct your levels of chemical/hormones

Once you do that, and with the further strategies contained in our STOP4GOOD Programme, gambling will naturally be gone from your life and for GOOD!

This is a partnership, not a run of the mill training programme.

The STOP4GOOD Programme Objective

The What and How: This programme is full of videos, strategies and techniques to propel you further along your road to gambling freedom. We give you a better understanding of how gambling works, how it affects your brain and why we feel structuring your time is so important.

You remember in the last programme we touched on Time, an element of the gambling Triangle, well we believe for your recovery this is an essential module for a lasting recovery.

Visual Learning – easily accessed and understood, from the comfort of your home.

Using a similar structure to 10 Days 10 Measures, we have again included Daily Tasks to help with your success. We suggest you might like to continue making notes in your diary so you can refer back to them.

Our Mission – Your Goal

When you have understanding you have power!

Have you ever had a haha moment! It is empowering when you understand a problem and find a solution.

How many times have you tried to stop gambling, but failed? How many times did you ask yourself “why can’t I just stop?” Then, as many do, you wrongly conclude: “I have an addictive personality!”

There is hope

Thousands of people have successfully gone on to live gambling free lives, and we want the same for you. Often we get messages telling us about their achievements – weeks turn into years and we’ll get a message or email saying “1000 days gambling free” or “I bought a new house” or “I’m debt-free” This is why we love doing what we do.

I want you to have a life that is free from this powerful and all encumbering addiction, that is why I am giving you the skills, knowledge and opportunities to achieve this. Thank you so much, for taking a look at our programme, I truly want this to change your life.”


Other Information

How long do I get access to this course?

  • Lifetime access!

Are there any guarantees?

Nuno has used these proven techniques with thousands of clients, achieving a 90%+ success rate. To change your life and for you to get the best results, we need your focus and commitment. As long as you apply these techniques and strategies, success is guaranteed.

However, if during 30 days you decide this is not for you, you can change your mind, let us know and we will give you a full refund – no questions asked!

Before we start

Take a moment and reflect on your reasons for wanting to stop gambling what is your MOTIVATION, the reason WHY you are here?

You’ve made a great start with 10Days 10Measures, but you still need to make further changes to your life. So over the following modules, we are going to help you achieve that.

Each time you start a module in our programme, and for you to have the best experience and the most benefit from it, we would like you to take a moment and relax:

  • Find a quiet place, maybe ask others not to disturb you
  • Get yourself sitting comfortably
  • Have a special notebook or Journal with you
  • Switch off all distractions
  • Maybe have a glass of water to hand

I’m committed to your success

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me and spending your time participating. I hope you get everything you expect, and more, from it. On the next page, we will start with ‘What Is Gambling?


Praise and reward yourself throughout this programme because you are worth it.

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Programme Includes

  • 12 Modules
  • 4 Bonus

Don’t leave empty handed.

Hi, did you find what you were looking for? Do you or a loved one have a gambling problem?
Maybe my program is not for you at the moment and that is ok, but don’t leave empty handed, I would like you to have my  ‘Some signs and beliefs that indicate someone has a gambling problem’