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As mentioned previously in the Gambling Triangle, it’s the combination of the three elements, Time Money and Access that has enabled you to gamble.

In the previous Modules I gave you strategies to control Money and Access, but I believe it is TIME that is the most important, for it is the one, that will give you the best long lasting strategy, because I want you to be able to stop for good.

It is not laziness, nor lack of willpower, but CHANGE why people find it hard to stop gambling.

The principal of the brain, is to control its environment, when the act of doing something becomes a HABIT it then wants to continue. Most of the time we are not consciously controlling it, so we are unaware we have a problem.

The brain makes it very difficult and exhaustive for us to change, therefore we give in and continue with the old habits. A few minutes of distraction will be enough to keep you away from gambling.

Gambling has become automatic and repetitive for you, so I know how hard it will be for you to change. However your behaviour will improve if you divert your energies and invest them instead into positive steps towards changing.

“Love yourself, give yourself credit for getting this far, you deserve compassion just like anyone else.”

Brain Workout

Start each day with a small intention, put it beside your bed so it is the first thing you see when you wake up. The following are a few suggestions:

  • To discover who I am and what I enjoy
  • To develop a skill and improve myself
  • To bring light into other people’s day
  • To encourage and inspire by being my authentic self
  • To create more simplicity and peacefulness in my day
  • To show up for myself
  • To explore something I’ve never seen before
  • To dance like nobody is watching
  • To be the person my friends can rely on

Don’t leave empty handed.

Hi, did you find what you were looking for? Do you or a loved one have a gambling problem?
Maybe my program is not for you at the moment and that is ok, but don’t leave empty handed, I would like you to have my  ‘Some signs and beliefs that indicate someone has a gambling problem’