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Todays Task

Today’s Task was to contact all the gambling activities you were using and take action to self-exclude yourself.

Today’s Task

Having completed the above, and for any other tasks today that require a follow-up, write down the DUE DATE on your calendar.

If this task was for you, then well done!

You’re on the right path to putting a stop to the devastation that gambling has been causing in your life and to those around you.

If you’re rebuilding the trust with those that have been affected by your gambling activities, don’t forget to tell them what you have been doing to stop your gambling. Even better, why not ask them to help and / or witness what you have done and put in place.

Don’t leave empty handed.

Hi, did you find what you were looking for? Do you or a loved one have a gambling problem?
Maybe my program is not for you at the moment and that is ok, but don’t leave empty handed, I would like you to have my  ‘Some signs and beliefs that indicate someone has a gambling problem’